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Captive Insurance is an insurance option that essentially allows you to create your own insurance company. With full control over your ‘captive’, this type of cover can offer stability in a market often uprooted by natural disasters, pandemics, inflation and other global events.

As award-winning, AFS licensed business insurance brokers, Crucial Insurance can help develop effective Captive Insurance strategies for all kinds of Perth-based businesses. For more information, call us on 1300 400 707, contact us or get a quote now.



We are award-winning Perth Captive Insurance specialists

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Captive Insurance, Perth: what is it?

Captive Insurance is a type of cover that allows you more control over your insurance policies. By creating your own insurance company, also known as a ‘captive’, you’ll be offered stability in a market constantly changed by natural disasters, pandemics, inflation and other global events.

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Benefits of Captive Insurance for Perth businesses

Perth Captive Insurance can provide your business with several financial benefits, such as:

More control over insurance allocations

Stronger command over policy terms and conditions

Tax benefits: reserve funds held by this insurance company can potentially be tax deductible

The ability to insure against risks that may not be obtainable through traditional means

Cost benefits: the potential for lower premium payments

Better cash flow control

Revenue generation through underwriting profits

This is not an extensive list. If you own a Perth business, please contact us to see if Captive Insurance is right for you.

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How does Captive Insurance work?

When you rely on traditional insurance options, your insurer has complete authority over the type of coverage you receive, how much you need to pay, and whether your claims are valid or not.

Captive Insurance, on the other hand, lets you create your own insurance company, or 'captive,' which gives you more authority over the risks you insure. Captive entities are valid entities that are used by various organizations, such as private, publicly listed, and non-profit organisations, both in Australia and around the world.

It is important to note that Captive Insurance should not be considered a complete solution to risk management. Businesses must have the resources available to set up an insurance company to provide cover for potential losses.

Additionally, Captive Insurance has a high barrier to entry, and it is generally recommended for companies with exemplary loss histories (and continued lower loss expectations) that have a premium size of at least $1 million.

Perth businesses: is Captive Insurance right for you?

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Though Captive Insurance may be advantageous for risk management, it is not intended as a standalone resolution and frequently operates in conjunction with standard insurance alternatives. Nevertheless, the initial outlay needed to create a captive insurance firm is substantial, rendering it a resource most appropriate for businesses with a strong history of minimal losses and a premium magnitude of no less than $1 million.

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To execute a Captive Insurance strategy, you need the resources to establish an insurance entity capable of offering protection for potential losses and collaborating with seasoned professionals such as solicitors, accountants, and tax advisors. Protective Cell Companies (PCC) can be a cost-effective technique for transferring risk and attaining greater control over insurance expenditures and constraints.

Contact us for more information on how a Captive Insurance strategy can work for your Perth business.

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Captive Insurance: Perth Overview

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is the fourth-largest city in the country. While the capital acts as a hub for many successful businesses, mining and tourism are Perth’s most prominent industries, as proven by the city being rated the second-most attractive mining destination in the world.

Alongside having a bustling city culture, Perth is also renowned for its stunning natural landscapes. The capital is host to an array of picturesque sandy beaches, such as Cottesloe Beach with its turquoise waters and snowy white shores, and the iconic Scarborough Beach, also known as ‘Scabs’. The city’s other well-known destinations include the Kings Park and Botanic Garden, the Swan Bell Tower, and the scenic waterfront precinct Elizabeth Quay.


Why Crucial Insurance can help with your Captive Insurance needs

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As your insurance broker, Crucial Insurance aims to help you discover the perfect Captive Insurance policy for your Perth business.

Crucial Insurance brokers have earned an exceptional track record as Captive Insurance specialists, with various accolades such as the NIBA Broker of the Year Award, and the Queensland Stephen Ball Memorial Award.

Other reasons why you should trust us include our:

Dedication to our clients’ businesses: we follow a proactive approach which involves treating every clients’ companies as our own

Transparent advisory: our services prioritize our clients’ needs and add value to their business

Strong connections: we leverage our national and international insurer networks to find hard-to-place insurance options

Commitment to helping clients reduce their premiums while helping them choose the right cover for their needs


Read more Crucial Insights about Captive Insurance.

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