Business Travel Insurance

Business Travel Insurance, also known as Corporate Travel Insurance provides annual worldwide multi-trip travel insurance for you and your employees.  All policies come with emergency assistance providing peace of mind when you and your employees are abroad.

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What is it?

Business Travel Insurance is an annual Travel Insurance policy which is purchased by your business for the benefit of all directors and employees. At the start of the insurance period, you declare your expected number of trips and average duration for all overseas, interstate and intrastate travel.

Any trip in excess of 50km from your workplace or residence is considered a trip and should be included in your annual declaration of travel.

Once the policy is purchased you have automatic cover for period Business Travel Insurance and do not need to declare your travel on a trip by trip basis. At the end of the Business Travel Insurance period, you will be asked to declare the total number of trips and may be charged an additional premium if you had more trips than originally declared at the start of the Business Travel insurance policy.

Every Business or Corporate Travel Insurance policy comes with 24/7 Emergency Assistance support which is generally a free call or reverse charge number you can call for emergency assistance. It is crucial you keep the details of Emergency Assistance provider close to hand so you have help within easy reach when you need it most.

Who needs Business Travel Insurance?

Any business which has owners, directors or employees who frequently travel as part of conducting your business. All business owners and managers have a duty of care to their employees whilst they are travelling for work to ensure they have appropriate travel insurance and access to emergency assistance services.

What is covered?

A comprehensive Business Travel Insurance policy provides extensive benefits to your employees whilst travelling on business. Cover can also extend to purely overseas leisure travel for directors and senior management, including their accompanying spouse and dependent children.

The coverage benefits available under a Business Travel Insurance policy extend to:

Unlimited Medical, Evacuation and Additional expenses

Unlimited Cancellation and Curtailment Expenses

Loss of Frequent Flyer Points

Baggage & Business Property up to $20,000

Includes Electronic Equipment cover including laptops and other portable equipment

Rental Vehicle Excess cover up to $5,000

Personal Accident lump sum benefit

Missed Transport Connection

Personal Liability Insurance

Hijack, Detention, Kidnap & Ransom, Extortion Cover

Search and Rescue expenses

What's not covered?

Corporate Travel Insurance does not cover:

participating in professional sport

intentional self-injury or suicide

expenses which are covered by medicare or any workers compensation legislation

any claim which would contravene the Health Insurance Act

persons over the age of 75 unless agreed prior to the trip commencing

If you would like to get a quote for a Corporate or Business Travel Insurance policy talk to one of Crucial Insurance travel experts. They can compare business travel insurance providers and provide you with the best travel insurance quote for your business travel needs.