Machinery & Equipment Breakdown Insurance

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If your business is reliant on machinery then protect your business from the financial loss of Machinery Breakdown. Get cover for the cost of the physical damage as well as any lost profits as a result of the equipment breaking down.

What is it?

A Machinery Breakdown insurance policy will protect your business from the financial loss associatd with equipment breakdown. Coverage extends to all mechanical and electrical equipment including manufacturing machinery, refrigeration equipment, air conditioning, switchboards, audi visual equipment, telephone systems and so on.

Who needs Machinery & Equipment Breakdown Insurance?

Any business which relies on machinery and equipment to keep their business moving. In today's world of technology, this can extend various occupations including:


Property Owners

Food Outlets and Restaurants


Porfessional Services

What is covered?

A comprehensive Machinery & Equipment Breadown Insurance policy can provide the following cover:

Cost to repair or replace the damaged equipment

Service interruption due to failure of utilities

Loss of revenue as a result of the breakdown

Spoilage of stock

Restoration of data following a breakdown

Additional expenses incurred to continue operating following a breakdown.

What's not covered?

Machinery & Equipment Breakdown Insurance does not cover:

Wear & tear

Intentional or malicious damage

Fire and other perils such as storm, water damage, earthquake, impact, lightning (see Business Pack)

To get a quote that provides you with the right cover it's important you speak with one of our Equipment Breakdown experts who can advise you on the type of cover that is right for you.

Crucial Insurance can provide you with an initial quotation if you are able to provide us with the following information: