Commercial Motor Insurance Brokers Australia

We provide our clients with market-leading commercial motor insurance ranging from owner-operators to large motor fleets including commercial motor, truck insurance, bus insurance and all heavy goods vehicles.

What is it?

A comprehensive commercial motorĀ  insurance policy provides flexible motor vehicle insurance. Coverage extends to include cover for your own vehicle as well as Third Party Liability for injury or property damage arising out of the use of your vehicle.

A well designed commercial motor insurance policy will include benefits which take the hassle out of managing your fleet insurance so you can get on with managing your business.

Who needs Commercial Motor Insurance?

Any business who operates multiple vehicles to run their day to day business activities should consider the benefits of a Commercial Motor Insurance policy. This can range from transport companies and tradies through to fleets of sales representatives. With Commerical Motor Fleet Insurance there is a range of benefits available which make managing your fleet insurance easier.

What is covered?

A Commercial Motor Insurance policy will provide cover under 2 sections. The first section of cover will be damage caused to your vehicle. The second section of cover will be for damage caused to other people or parties which arise out of the use of your vehicle.

When we compare commercial motor insurance quotes we look for motor insurance insurers who can provide the following benefits to our clients:

New for old replacement up to 2 years old

Automatic cover for new vehicles added during the year. Generally, the vehicle must be advised to us within 60 days of being purchased.

Finance Gap protection that pays out any residual amount of the finance payout which is higher than the insurance payout in the event of a total loss

Downtime coverage for loss of icome as a result of an income producing vehicle being off the road

Cover extended to employees vehicles whilst being used for business purposes

Vehicle Accessories such as radio receivers and navigation equipment built into the motor fleet

Drivers personal property if it is damaged or lost as a result of an accident or theft from the vehicle

Hire costs following an accident or theft to ensure your business stays on the road

Cost to replace signwriting following damage to your vehicle

Replacement of keys and locks if they have been lost or damaged or if you believe they may have been duplicated.

Damage caused by accidentally adding incorrect fuel i.e. diesel into a petrol tank and vice versa

Liability coverage extended to include claims arising from carrying dangerous goods.

Commercial Motor Fleet operators should also pay close attention to ensure you understand any radius limits imposed on your motor fleet insurance policy. For goods carrying vehicles in excess of 5 tonnes, some insurers impose a radius limit. It's important you are aware as the increased excess of operating outside these radius limits can be substantial.

What's not covered?

Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance does not cover:

Normal wear and tear to your vehicle

Tyre damage caused by road punctures, cuts or bursts

Warranty claims

Claims arising from a vehicle you were aware was unroadworthy or unsafe

Claims arising from a driver you were aware was unlicensed or under the influence of any drug

Incidents or claims known prior to the policy commencing

Accidental personal injury or property damage claims arising from your business activities (see Public Liability)

Professional liability claims for negligence in your professional duty of care (see Professional Indemnity)

Claims made against directors and officers (see Management Liability)

Damage from intentional acts

To get a quote that provides you with the right cover it's important you speak with a Comemrcial Motor Insurance expert who can advise you how best to design your Motor Fleet Insurance Package.