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As a labour hire specialist, you take on a considerable amount of risk. We’ll help you manage these risks so you can continue to do what you do best. We are a fully licensed, AFS insurance brokerage who work for our clients, not the insurers. Call us on 1300 400 707 or fill in the form to speak to an experienced Labour Hire Insurance specialist.

As a labour hire company, you essentially act as an employer. Even if you lease your staff to your clients, they are still your legal obligation. As such, you may be liable for any claims that may emerge from their employment.

The labour hire industry is a unique industry with its own set of challenges. Having incorrect or poorly maintained insurance policies can result in an uninsured exposure that can have disastrous financial consequences.

With a depth of experience in the labour insurance market, we’ll help manage your risks by working with you to access suitable insurance policies for your situation and budget. If you already work with an existing insurer, we can help you audit your current policies to make sure they are up to date.

Many businesses also require that your labour hire company has the right insurances in place in order to work with you. As your dedicated business insurance brokers, we can work with you to make sure you stay on top of your contractual insurance obligations.

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What type of risks can you incur in the labour hire industry?

Every labour hire specialist we work with has unique businesses and needs. That being said, there are common risks you may face as a labour hire business, including:

Injuries to employees, coworkers and/or pedestrians

Actions (or inactions) of employees you provide

Property damage

Costs involved with unfair dismissal and Fair Work challenges

Being held liable for the actions or inactions of the employees provided

Injuries to another worker whilst performing work or

Getting sued by contractors and subcontractors for issues caused by your supplied labour

Fines & Penalties

Setting fire to a building whilst performing hotwork

Injuring another worker or causing damage whilst using a forklift

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Labour Hire Insurance: industries

Labour hire can extend to a number of industries. Here are just a few examples:








Banking and finance



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Labour Hire Insurance: types of cover

If you work in labour hire, you may require the following policies as a general level of protection. Note, however, that every situation is unique and we recommend you contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance covers your business in the event there is a claim against you for Personal Injury and/or Property damage arising from your business activities. A Liability Insurance policy will cover you for your legal liability and will also extend to cover your legal defence costs to assist in defending the claim or settling the claim.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance

Directors and Officers Insurance (or D&O Insurance) in short, can protect you and/or your company’s leaders and private assets from claims that arise as a result of decisions made during their duties.


  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

    Professional Indemnity Insurance protects your business from claims made by your clients and customers against you as a result of the advice that you provide them. As a Labour Hire company, the fees you receive for the provision of labour can be deemed to be a professional service. It is important you have the right Labour Hire Professional Indemnity insurance to protect your business.


  • Workers Compensation

    Workers Compensation is a type of insurance payment that covers employees should they become injured or sick as a result of their work. Workers Compensation Insurance can cover expenses such as medical expenses and wages during the hours they cannot attend work.

    As a Labour Hire business, you are responsible for the arranging Workers Compensation for the employees you hire out.  

    Crucial Insurance can help you understand your Workers Compensation insurance obligations and how to structure your workers compensation insurance policy for the optimum outcome.

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Why companies choose Crucial Insurance for their Labour Hire Insurance

At Crucial Insurance, we are experts in helping companies find both traditional and hard-to-find insurance policies. We are also passionate about helping our clients reduce their premiums while still accessing the right forms of cover for their needs. From small businesses to publicly listed companies, we have extensive experience in solving insurance challenges.

One major advantage we have over business insurance brokers in the market is that we are an Australian Financial Services License holder. This means we are regularly audited to ensure we provide a high level of skill with an exceptional level of integrity and service.

Here are just some reasons why our clients choose us:

Transparent advisory: our number one priority us adding value to your business, placing your needs first

We’ve won awards for outstanding brokerage

We’re proactive in our approach

We have years of experience in claims management and negotiate with insurers on your behalf

We help business find hard-to-place insurance options using our national and international insurer network

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