Farmers Insurance

Looking for the right insurance for your farm? As proud supporters of Australia’s rural producers, our award-winning Farm Insurance experts can help you sift through confusing insurance lingo to find suitable policies for your needs and budget. Call us on 1300 400 707 or fill in the form to find out more.

Insurance can be confusing. With countless insurance options being marketed to farmers out there, how do you know if the insurance you’ve signed up for has your best interests at heart? We do the hard work for you, so you can keep doing what you do best.

We understand that every farm, no matter the size, is unique. As business insurance brokers, we work for you, not the insurers. This means we use our extensive insurer networks to find crucial opportunities for your farm where others may not. Because we place ethics over profits, your farm’s insurance is our priority.

We are award-winning Business Insurance experts

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What is farmers insurance, and why is it important for your farm?

As our world rapidly changes, it is becoming more difficult to predict how the weather or the world economy can impact your livelihood. Farmers Insurance (or Rural Insurance) can help protect your farm, machinery and equipment, crops, home and animals should things turn for the worse.

But what types of Farmers Insurance should you invest in?

As your business insurance brokers, we can help you find what could be useful for you - and what isn’t.

We can help you find the right farm insurance policies that will cover you if your motor vehicles or farm machinery are involved in accidents, damaged or stolen.

Examples of cover that could be included with Farmers Insurance / Rural Insurance:

farmer home and contents insurance

Home and Contents

Did you know that Farmers Insurance can also protect your home? We can help connect you with an insurance package that can provide cover for home and contents should there be theft, natural disasters, or another issue altogether. This insurance can also help provide you with temporary accommodation if needed.

farm machine

Farm machinery and motor vehicle

We can help you find the right farm insurance policies that will cover you if your motor vehicles or farm machinery are involved in accidents, damaged or stolen.

farmer feeding goats

Farm Liability

Owning and managing a farm has multiple risks, and, if not insured, can lead to disastrous consequences. We can help you have peace of mind knowing you’re protected with the appropriate Farm Liability cover. This may also include farm loss of income.

farm insurance - path

Farm-specific insurance

We can also find tailored insurance solutions for your specific type of farm. For example, we can find appropriate insurance cover for sugar cane growers, fruit and vegetable farms, livestock / feedlots, hobby farms and more.

Farmers Insurance: the Crucial Insurance difference

When it comes to Farmers Insurance or Rural Insurance, choosing the right policies for your farm can be confusing.

With the countless insurance options being marketed to farms out there, we understand how challenging it can be. If not handled correctly, insurance can be costly, if not unnecessary.

As award-winning business insurance brokers, we will work with your farm to find the most applicable insurance policies for your needs and budget.

We are a licensed insurance broker that holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). As licensed insurance brokers, we are regularly audited to ensure that we offer an exceptional level of service and integrity – when it comes to insurance, we go above and beyond to help Australia’s farms.

Looking for Farmers Insurance, or Rural Insurance? Contact the award-winning team at Crucial Insurance today.