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What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance can provide you with protection for claims someone makes against you in the course of running your business. In this instance, that someone can be a supplier, customer or member of the public.

Public Liability Insurance makes sure you’re covered in the unfortunate case of someone making a claim against you in the course of running your business. It is essential for businesses where members of the public interact with your company in any way.

A good way to understand this is to imagine certain scenarios that could take place in your place of business. For example, a customer trips and falls, or if some of your equipment malfunctions and leads to damages, Public Liability Insurance can provide you with a safety net to cover any damages, as well as the legal costs in defending any claims against the business.

Why our clients choose Crucial Insurance for their Sydney Public Liability Insurance

Insurance is our passion: we have years of experience in claims management and negotiate with insurers on your behalf

Find insurance where others can’t: as experienced Business Insurance experts, we have an extensive insurer and supplier network, meaning our clients have access to insurance options not easily available in the current market

Transparent advisory: no frills. Just great advice, placing your needs first

Peace of mind: Peace of mind: have a professional team of experienced brokers who can understand insurance lingo and translate that for you

We’re award-winning business insurance experts: industry-recognition for being the top insurance broker and top-rated by our customers

Transparent Public Liability Insurance advisory: no frills. We don’t hard sell, we want to give you the best advice possible

We’re a customer-first business: know that a friendly and experienced business insurance broker is only a phone call, email or drive away with us

Public Liability Insurance Sydney: what’s covered?

Public Liability Insurance can provide cover expenses if your business becomes liable for issues such as:

Personal injury and associated medical costs

Property damage claims

First aid expenses at time of incident

Legal costs

In most cases, Public Liability Insurance covers your business in the event there is a claim against you for Personal Injury (the customer claims they were hurt in your premise or through actions of your employees or equipment) and /or Property damage (damage to your customer’s belongings through an employee or services rendered through your business). A Liability Insurance policy will make sure you are covered for your legal liability and also extends coverage to your legal defence costs if required in defending or settling the claim.

For example, if a customer was to have their laptop damaged by your employee, consequently suing you for breaching your duty of care - your public liability insurance should then be able to help cover the potential costs associated with this.

Public Liability Insurance Sydney: what's not covered?

When applying for Public Liability Insurance, it is worthwhile to note that it does not cover:

Injury to your employees which is workers compensation insurance

Your business becoming insolvent

Incidents or claims known prior to the policy commencing

Business conducted in the USA / Canada, unless agreed in writing

Claims arising from a professional services or advice (see Professional Indemnity Insurance)

Claims arising from your digital network / data breach (see Cyber Insurance)

Claims made against directors and officers (see Management Liability)

Claims arising from intentional acts

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Public Liability Insurance: Sydney Snapshot

Being situated on the coastline of New South Wales, Sydney has stunning views of beaches and is also home to our world-famous Harbour. Located quite close to the bushland and the Blue Mountains, it is home to wonderful parks, like Hyde Park and Carradah Park as well as natural reserves such as the Barangaroo Reserve. Sydney is also the centre of most commerce in Australia and is known for its fast-paced lifestyle. Sydney is also safe and a great example of Australia’s natural hospitality.

According to, Sydney’s Gross Regional Product is estimated at $130.22 billion, which represents 20.28% of the state's GSP (Gross State Product). It has a population of approximately 250,000, 665,000 local jobs and 74,000 local businesses. Its largest industries are professional, technical and scientific services.

What our clients say

How Crucial Insurance can help with your Public Liability Insurance needs

From Campbell Town to Richmond, Crucial Insurance is here to help service Sydney businesses with their insurance needs.

Our Sydney clients can rest assure that their business is in good hands, because we prioritise ethics above profits. Our business is built on the mantra of ‘doing the right thing’ for our clients and have thus become the Public Liability Insurance broker of choice for many businesses not just in New South Wales, but also around Australia.

We are also an Australian Financial Services License holder. As a client, you can place your trust in us, as we are regularly audited to ensure we provide a high level of skill with an exceptional level of integrity and service.

As your Sydney business insurance broker, we will find the right policy for your needs and help you understand the ins and outs of your cover. It’s crucial that you invest in the right policy to safeguard your business should the need arise.

If you need Public Liability Insurance in Sydney, we’re here to help. Contact us to speak to an experienced Business Insurance specialist.