Public Liability Insurance Sunshine Coast

Own a Sunshine Coast business and are looking for Public Liability Insurance? Every business is different, and ensuring that your policy reflects your specific needs is crucial.

What is Public Liability Insurance, and how will it apply to your Sunshine Coast business?

From Caloundra and Mooloolaba all the way to Noosa Heads and Rainbow Beach, Sunshine Coast has become an ideal location for many to start their businesses.

Wherever you’re based in the Sunshine Coast, it’s important that you have a safety net in place. In essence, Public Liability Insurance provides you with protection for claims made against you in the course of running your business. Additionally, Liability Insurance will provide your business with cover for personal injury and property damage claims that may arise from customers, the public or other external parties.

Further, Public Liability Insurance will provide cover for where you have been negligent and will also cover the cost of defending any claims against your business.

Does your Sunshine Coast business actually need Public Liability Insurance?

Wherever you are based, every business needs to ensure they have Public Liability Insurance. We generally recommend that Public Liability Insurance be the first insurance policy you have in place before you even commence trading.

There is always the potential for costly damages and legal fees - no matter the size and type of business. As such, it is imperative that you are safeguarded with the right insurance.

What does Public Liability Insurance cover?

Typically, Public Liability Insurance covers your business in the event there is a claim against you for Personal Injury and /or Property damage arising from your business activities. A Liability Insurance policy will cover you for your legal liability and will also extend to cover your legal defence costs to assist in defending the claim or settling the claim.

An example of such a liability insurance claim is where a customer may slip and fall on your premises, consequently suing you for breaching your duty of care - your insurance should then be able to help cover the potential costs associated with this.

What's not covered?

When applying for Public Liability Insurance, it is worthwhile to note that it does not cover:

Claims arising from a professional services or advice (see Professional Indemnity)

Claims arising from your digital network / data breach (see Cyber Insurance)

Incidents or claims known prior to the policy commencing

Your business becoming insolvent

Claims arising from intentional acts

Business conducted in the USA / Canada, unless agreed in writing

Injury to your employees which is workers compensation insurance

Claims made against directors and officers (see Management Liability)

How Crucial Insurance can help your Sunshine Coast business with public liability insurance

As a Sunshine Coast business ourselves, we understand the nuances of running a business in the area and can easily meet you at your premises should the need arise.

The main benefit Crucial Insurance clients receive from us is that we prioritise ethics above profits. We rigorously apply the mindset of ‘doing the right thing’ for our clients, and have thus become the public liability insurance broker of choice for many businesses not just in Sunshine Coast, but also around Australia and overseas.

As your broker, we will find the right policy for your needs and help you understand the ins and outs of your cover. It’s crucial that you invest in the right policy to safeguard your business should the need arise.

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