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Professional Indemnity Insurance is crucial when it comes to safeguarding your future. As award-winning business insurance brokers in Brisbane, we will help you find the right policy, at the right price. Call us on 1300 400 707 or fill in the form to discuss your options.

Mistakes happen. A simple error could result in a claim against you. That’s why it’s important that your company has invested in the right Professional Indemnity Insurance policy. We’ll work with you to find the most appropriate policy for your needs. Or if you already have insurance and are wondering if you’re over insured, we can help with that too.

Why is Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance important for your Brisbane business?

Why is Professional Indemnity Insurance a necessity? Basically, it protects your business by covering the legal costs of claims made against you. From unpredictable mistakes (such as the loss of client documents or failure to advise a client on certain issues) to cases of dishonesty or fraud, having the right PI Insurances in place can make sure you’re financially covered should things turn for the worse.

If you’re a business that provides a service or advice for a fee, then you run the risk of your customers making claims against you. If not insured, the legal costs of these claims could be damaging not just for your business, but also for your personal life.

Who needs Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance, exactly?

Basically, any Brisbane business that provides advisory or services for a fee.

The type of industries who require professional indemnity insurance is broad and can include (but is not limited to):



IT specialists (see IT Liability Insurance)



Media agencies

Real estate agents

Advertising agencies


Building surveyors


Trades such as plumbers, roofers and electricians are increasingly requiring Professional Indemnity Insurance for provision of reports advising on the condition of a property.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance Brisbane: what’s covered?

Professional Indemnity Insurance covers your business for your financial loss resulting from a professional liability claim. This can include claims for:

Reputation repair, such as public relations / crisis management costs

Lost or damaged documents


Liability for damage as a result of negligent advice

Legal costs including any awarded against you

Claim investigation costs

Unintentional infringement of intellectual property rights

Professional Indemnity Insurance covers your business for your financial loss resulting from a professional liability claim. This can include claims for:

Professional Indemnity Insurance: what's not covered?

Professional Indemnity insurance does not cover:

Claims arising from your digital network / data breach (see Cyber Insurance)

Accidental personal injury or property damage (see Public Liability)

Claims made against directors and officers (see Management Liability Insurance)

Incidents or claims known prior to the policy commencing

Damage from intentional acts

Your business becoming insolvent

Is there a difference between Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance?

A common misconception is that if you have a Public Liability Insurance, you are already covered for Professional Indemnity.

Although both important, Public Liability Insurance policies and Public Liability Insurance policies generally cover different types of claims. In essence, Public Liability insurance covers compensation claims against you for property damage and/or personal injuries arising from your business activities. On the other hand, Professional Indemnity Insurance covers you against claims for negligence or professional error.

Find out more about Public Liability Insurance here, or speak to a Crucial Insurance specialist to help you understand it more.

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