Mobile Hairdresser Insurance

Are you a freelance or mobile hairdresser looking to protect your income with the right insurance, but don’t know where to start? We help hairdressers find the most suitable insurance policies for their situation, at the right price. Call our hairdresser insurance experts on 1300 400 707 or fill in the form to find out more.

Whether you work on the move or operate your hairdresser from home, your hairdressing and/or beauty business brings with it plenty of risks that, if not insured correctly, could really impact your cash flow (and livelihood) for the worse. For example, if someone has a severe allergic reaction to one of the products you use on their hair, they may sue you for damages. If that happens, will you be prepared?

As licensed business insurance brokers, our job is to help you make sense of the confusing insurance market and help you find insurance solutions tailored to your needs and budget. We’ll do the hard insurance work for you, so you can focus on doing what you enjoy most.

What is mobile hairdresser insurance?

Mobile Hairdresser Insurance helps protect you if things turn for the worse. What if your stock is damaged, or your equipment robbed? What if someone is hurt from your scissors or hair product, or are injured on your premises? Do you have the right extensions in place for your activities?

A compensation claim against you could be disastrous for your business and livelihood. Mobile Hairdresser Insurance will give you peace of mind that as a hairdresser, you can be financially protected should things turn for the worse.

When it comes to Mobile Hairdresser Insurance, we can help you find tailored policies that include:

Professional Indemnity Insurance to protect you should claims rise against you for negligence, or if you are accused of failing to provide adequate services/advisory

Public Liability Insurance to safeguard against issues arising from customers, suppliers or members of the public is injured or sustains property damage as a result of negligent activities. Treatment Risk Extensions are available for anyone applying treatments or dyes, using hair appliances such as curling wands or straighteners etc.

Business Insurance to protect you if your equipment is stolen or accidentally damaged, if you are audited, if there is a fire or storm, if you have dishonest employees and more.

If you already have insurance in place, you may also be overinsured, or underinsured. To make sure you are paying fair fees and have the right insurances in place, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Who needs Mobile Hairdressers Insurance

It’s important to consider investing in insurance, whatever size of business you have (even if you’re a sole trader). No matter which part of the beauty industry you work in - whether you’re a mobile hairdresser, beautician, makeup artist, barber, nail professional or something different altogether - it is advisable to speak to a specialist to at least discover your options.

If you have any questions about insurance or would simply like a quote on what policies would be suitable for your situation, we offer obligation-free chats. Contact us to speak to a hairdresser insurance specialist.

What does Mobile Hairdresser Insurance cover?

Hairdresser Insurance can cover:

Professional Indemnity

Public liability

Business Insurance

This is not an extensive list and does not take into consideration your unique situation. Contact us for more information about what Mobile Hairdresser Insurance can do for you.

What's not covered with Mobile Hairdresser Insurance?

Mobile Hairdresser Insurance does not cover:

Previously known claims or circumstances

Claims made against directors and officers (see Management Liability Insurance)

Claims arising from employment / employees

Damage from intentional acts

Any claims arising from products that do not meet all of the relevant Australian health and safety standards or guidelines

The Crucial Insurance difference

Insurance can be confusing, if not downright irritating. With the limitless options being marketed to businesses out there, we understand how challenging it can be. Without the right guidance, insurance can be costly or even unnecessary.

As Mobile Hair Insurance specialists, we help you filter through over 150 insurers to find policies most suited to your situation. Our clients keep returning to (and referring) us because we value ethics over profits. As licensed, proactive business insurance brokers, we like to treat your business as our own.

Need Mobile Hairdresser Insurance? Speak to one of our experienced insurance specialists to discuss your options today.