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Protect Your Sydney business against claims that arise against your management

Management Liability Insurance protects your business from claims that may arise against your management. This type of insurance safeguards company representatives from potential lawsuits brought against them personally, which could lead to financial loss and forfeiture of personal assets.

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Sydney Management Liability Insurance: The Basics

Essentially, Management Liability Insurance is designed to cover you and your Sydney business against claims that could arise from the management of your company, including both past and present. In particular, it provides Directors and Officers Insurance if a director and / or employee are sued personally for being negligent in fulfilling their duties.

Your Sydney-based business can be targeted at any time by potential claims arising against its management. These risks include:

Shareholders filing claims against directors for mismanagement

Employment-related issues like unfair dismissal and discrimination



Directors and employees facing personal lawsuits for alleged mismanagement

Occupational Health & Safety related claims

Fines and penalties

Taxation investigation / audits

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What and who does Management Liability Insurance cover?

Management Liability Insurance provides directors, officers, and other managerial parties with protection against the risks of running a business. This includes Directors' and Officers' (D&O) Liability Insurance, which covers executives in the event of claims made against them for situations resulting in personal liability and financial loss.

Other policies under Management Liability Insurance may include: 

Tax Audit Insurance 

  • Statutory Liability Insurance

Employment Practices (E&O) Liability Insurance 

Taxation Investigation / Audits

  • Crime Defence Cost Insurance
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Management Liability Insurance: what's not covered?

Note that Management Liability Insurance does not cover:

Professional Liability claims for negligence in your professional duty of care (see Professional Indemnity Insurance)

Incidents or claims known prior to the policy commencing

Claims made as a result of data breach or cyber event (see Cyber Insurance)

Accidental personal injury or property damage (see Public Liability Insurance)

Your business becoming insolvent unless agreed in writing

Damage from intentional acts

Claims arising from intentional acts

To find out more, it's important you speak with a Management Liability expert who can proactively help you find the right cover at the right price. Contact us today.

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Why Sydney businesses choose us for Management Liability Insurance

One reason why our clients choose a business insurance broker such as us for Management Liability Insurance is that we genuinely have the best intentions for our clients, and go above and above to help them with their insurance needs.

Our extensive business insurance experience continues to help us become the business insurance broker of choice for Management Liability Insurance by businesses throughout Australia.

Crucial Insurance’s unmatched commitment to our clients' enterprises mean that we only deliver the best Management Liability strategies, as tailored to your needs. Our team will facilitate and renew insurance contracts on your behalf, arrange Premium Funding, guide you in understanding your insurance claims and risks and much more. 

We are focused on providing our clients with exceptional levels of skill, integrity and service. Protect the future of your business now and contact our team today. 

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Sydney Economic Snapshot

Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales and home to the largest population of all Australian cities. It contains a vibrant job market, with multiple key industries driving its economy include finance, professional services, tourism, education, creative industries and more. Sydney is also Australia’s most significant economic state, representing 7% of Australia’s GDP as of 2023. 

The New South Wales capital is a popular tourist destination, marker by iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Blue Mountains, and Bondi Beach. Coupled with a rich multicultural community—with over 50% of residents being born overseas—Sydney is host to many cultural events and festivals which contribute to the city's tourism industry. 

Sydney is also constantly growing with major infrastructure projects aimed to improve transportation and connectivity. According to MySydney, these include the building of Sydney Metro: Australia’s biggest public transport project, and the North and WestConnex motorways—Australia’s largest road infrastructure project.


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