IT Liability Insurance Sunshine Coast

Are you a Sunshine Coast business or professional looking for IT Liability Insurance? If you work in the IT, digital or tech-related sector, it is crucial that the policy you invest in is the most suitable one for your needs. Call us on 1300 400 707 or fill in the form to learn about your options.

With a depth of experience in the IT space, our Sunshine Coast IT Insurance experts can help you find professional and business insurance options that can safeguard your future. Although technically called Information Technology (IT) Insurance or ICT Insurance, this form of insurance can apply to professionals in all related industries, such as software development, website development, app development, project management, digital marketing/communications and more.

The Sunshine Coast business and technology sector

Sunshine Coast is a growing Queensland region hosting a vibrant business community. Even with strong economic foundations, the global coronavirus pandemic greatly shaped the way we conduct business. One prime example of this is that the pandemic saw the emergence of an increasing dependence on digital technologies and online communication. One initiative introduced by the Sunshine Coast Council is the Sunshine Coast Business and Technology Precinct.

This new way of business also comes with new risks: as such, it is imperative for all businesses to safeguard themselves with the appropriate insurances.

IT Liability Insurance Sunshine Coast: what is it?

IT Insurance (or ICT Liability Insurance) is designed to protect you against the numerous risks you may face when you are working as an IT-related professional in the Sunshine Coast. Technology is rapidly evolving, and along comes multiple risks that IT Insurance can help mitigate.

With the numerous insurance options available in the market for IT-related professionals, we will use our network of over 150 insurers to help you access the most appropriate cover for your situation.

When it comes to IT Liability Insurance in Sunshine Coast, we can help you find tailored policies that include:

Professional Indemnity Insurance to protect against financial losses arising from third party legal liability claims as a result of the provision of your IT Services or IT products.

Public Liability Insurance to safeguard against issues arising from customers, suppliers or members of the public being injured or sustaining property damage as a result of negligent activities

Who is IT Liability Insurance for?

Any Sunshine Coast professional or business conducting IT-related work should consider investing in IT or ITC Insurance. The term Information Technology (IT) is a broad term, and as such ‘IT Insurance’ covers those who work in a range of fields related to information systems and technology.

This could include programmers, data processors, software developers, IT professionals and contractors, project managers, data analysts, web developers, IT recruiters and more. See below for a more comprehensive list.

IT Liability Insurance could provide protection for professions such as:

IT professionals

IT contractors


Data processing professionals

Warehousing professionals

Hardware installation, maintenance and repair

App designers and developers

Software designers and developers

Website designers and developers

Project Managers

Software and hardware sales

IT recruiters

Domain and web hosting providers

Data analysts

SCADA/PLC Services

Digital advertising, marketing and communications specialists

IT-related support and troubleshooting

Website security specialists

Systems integrations specialists

Systems analysts

Your profession has unique attributes - a licensed Sunshine Coast business insurance broker such as Crucial Insurance will be able to help you identify suitable options for your situation.

If you would like to know if your particular field of work should consider IT Insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

IT Liability Insurance Sunshine Coast: what does it cover?

IT Liability Insurance can cover:

Breaches of intellectual property rights

Professional Indemnity or civil liability

Public and Products Liability

Defence costs

Loss of Data

Breaches of contract

Defamation, Libel and Slander

Liability for property damage

Fines and Penalties

Joint venture/partnerships

Note for Sunshine Coast businesses and professionals: this is not an extensive list and does not take into consideration your unique situation. Contact us for more information about what IT Liability Insurance can do for you.

IT Liability Insurance Sunshine Coast: what isn’t covered?

IT Liability Insurance does not cover:

Previously known claims or circumstances

Claims made against directors and officers (see Management Liability)

Claims arising from employment / employees

Damage from intentional acts

The Crucial Insurance difference

As a Sunshine Coast business ourselves, we understand the nuances involved with running a business in the area. We believe our local knowledge, backed by our national and international experience in the insurance sector (especially when it comes to IT and tech), has helped us be an asset to our clients who are seeking IT Liability Insurance.

As fully licensed business insurance brokers, we are also regularly audited and required to provide an exceptional level of service to ensure your priorities are consistently met at a high standard. Our experience and access to over 150 insurers will enable us to help you filter through the multitude of insurance options available in the market to find policies most suited to your situation.

Need IT Liability Insurance in Sunshine Coast? Contact us now to view your options.