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If you are an electrician based in the Sunshine Coast, it’s important that you find the right insurance policies that are tailored to your specific area of expertise. As a Queenslander, it is also required that you invest in Consumer Protection Liability of at least $50,000. With the numerous insurance options and requirements in the marketplace, finding the right insurance policies can be confusing - especially if you’re time poor.

As business insurance brokers, we help Sunshine Coast electricians filter through the confusion and find insurance policies that match their budgets.

What is Electricians Insurance?

In simple terms, Electricians Insurance can protect you in the event that your negligence results in the damage of a third party or property. Just some examples could be when someone makes a claim against you arising from defective work, faulty installations, injuries from tools or interruptions from power supplies.

For Sunshine Coast electrical businesses, insurance is also mandatory - as mentioned above, states such as Queensland also require specific consumer protection liability of at least $50,000.

At Crucial Insurance, we classify work conducted by electricians as high risk. The good news is there are ways to manage these risks. One primary way to manage these risks is by equipping yourself with the right Electricians Insurance.

When it comes to Electricians Insurance, we can help you find tailored policies that include:

Product Liability Insurance to protect your business from claims arising from issues such as faulty installation of electrical wiring

Specialist Contract Works insurance may be required in relation to construction projects

Professional Indemnity Insurance to protect against losses arising from negligent activities

Public Liability Insurance to safeguard against issues arising from customers, suppliers or members of the public being injured or sustaining property damage as a result of negligent activities

Consumer Protection Insurance - As mentioned above, policies that meet eligibility requirements for an electrical contractor’s license in Queensland must have this

Sunshine Coast Electricians Insurance - who needs it?

It is crucial that anyone in Sunshine Coast who works in the electrical trade invests in Electricians Insurance. Not only is the Consumer Protection option a legal requirement for Queensland electricians, but having the right policies in place can give you peace of mind in such a high risk sector.

Electricians Insurance applies (but is not limited) to:

Electrical contractors

Highway electrical systems electricians

Electrotechnical panel beaters

Auto electricians

Commercial electricians

Emergency electricians

Construction electricians

Residential electricians

This is not an extensive list, and if you would like to discover the best insurance solutions for your profession, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sunshine Coast Electricians Insurance: what does it cover?

Electricians Insurance can cover:

Product liability

Third party injuries from tools

Public liability

Not following specifications or building codes, and defective work

Substantial bodily injury or property damage claims

Faulty installation of electrical wiring

Risks involved with the use of lower-quality products or materials

Completed Operations exposures

Damage to customer and other third party properties

Professional indemnity

Business interruption claims e.g. from interruption of power supply

Equipment and contact with exposed electrical conduits/wires and electrical fires

Claims arising out of an error or omission in design, consultancy or professional advice

This is not an extensive list and does not take into consideration your unique situation. Contact us for more information about what Electricians Insurance can do for you.

Sunshine Coast Electricians Insurance: what’s not covered?

Electricians Insurance does not cover:

Claims arising from employment / employees

  • Previously known claims or circumstances

Claims made against directors and officers (see Management Liability Insurance)

Damage from intentional acts

The Crucial Insurance difference

We are a licensed Business Insurance Broker with a wealth of experience in helping local electricians find the right Electricians Insurance.

As a licensed insurance broker, we hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). As licensed insurance brokers, we are regularly audited to make sure we offer you an exceptional level of service and integrity – basically, when it comes to insurance, we treat your business as our own. We work on your behalf, and not of the insurers’.

We’re Sunshine Coast’s Electricians Insurance experts

As a fellow Sunshine Coast business, we work with electricians of all shapes and sizes to find the most suitable insurance policies for their particular situation and expertise. Whether you specialise in residential electric, commercial electric or something else altogether, our Electricians Insurance experts are here to help.

With an office in the Sunshine Coast, we’re only a short phone call, email or drive away.

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