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Directors, officers and company leaders in Victoria are under more pressure now than ever to adhere to corporate governance. Failure to comply with these obligations can bring on severe financial consequences not only to your company, but potentially your personal assets. As your company grows and changes over time, so does your risk. To safeguard against these ever-changing risks, you need qualified insurance brokers to help ensure your risks are consistently managed.

D&O Insurance brokers you can trust

One challenge many organisations face is the increasing cost of insurance premiums. We have a wealth of experience in helping managers from private, soon-to-be-public and publicly listed companies access tailored insurance solutions while managing such rising costs.

As an award-winning business insurance brokerage, we treat our clients’ organisations as if they are our own. Proactive and ethical in our approach, we actively work with our clients to find optimal insurance options for the long term and evolve as our clients do.

We are also an Australian Financial Services Licenced (AFSL) brokerage. As licensed brokers, we are regularly audited to ensure that we offer an exceptional level of service and integrity. Which is another way of saying that you’re in good hands.

We are award-winning Corporate Insurance specialists

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What is Directors and Officers Liability Insurance?

At a glance, D&O Insurance can protect you and/or your company’s leaders and private assets from claims that arise as a result of decisions made during their duties.

The right D&O Insurance policies can protect you from:

Claims made as a result of allegations of wrongful acts

Corporate manslaughter

Financial costs as a result of reputational damage

Failures to comply with government regulation and laws

Financial consequences if your company goes under

Mismanagement of process

Allegations of fraud and company misrepresentation

Claims made as a result of reporting errors


Financial costs as a result of property damage

Claims made by the company itself

Issues with mergers and acquisitions

Failures to comply with government regulation and laws

Settlements as a result of litigation

Claims made by competitors

Interest and costs awarded against director/s

Financial damages on private assets as a result of litigation

We’re D&O Insurance Melbourne specialists

We are a multi-award winning business insurance brokerage with a passion for client service and technical insurance expertise. From Frankston, to Melbourne Central, to Darling Point Cook and beyond, we service all areas of Melbourne.

We’re experienced negotiators: if you need help making insurance claims, we’re here for you. We have years of experience in helping clients obtain positive outcomes

We’re trusted experts: we help you find appropriate cover, keep your policies up to date and work with you to find ways to reduce premiums

We focus on what you do best: we do the complicated insurance work, so you can focus on what you do best

We give you a market advantage: we provide expert advisory based on years of industry experience

We provide award-winning service: we’ve won a number of a awards for our commitment to our clients

We provide exclusive insurer networks: take advantage of our national and international insurer network built over years in the business. We’ll help you find the most appropriate and cost-effective policies for your needs

Are you going public, or already listed? D&O Insurance can help

Having the right D&O Insurance in place can be vital for any leader of a company, especially for Sydney companies in the process of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) or are already running publicly listed companies.

Your risks are magnified when running a public company or undergoing an IPO. In a complex environment, just one mistake made by any of the leadership team can greatly impact other stakeholders of the company. D&O Insurance can help you pay for the legal costs associated with any damages as a result of negligent actions.

We have experience in working with companies in all stages of the IPO process. Whether you’re in the early stages of an IPO or are now running a publicly listed company, we have the expertise, insurer networks and infrastructure in place to help you achieve favourable D&O insurance outcomes.

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D&O Insurance Melbourne: included coverage

Depending on your policy, D&O Insurance can provide protection to:

Past, present and future directors and officers

Non-executive directors

The supervisory board

Employees in a managerial or supervisory capacity

Company secretary

Your company and its employees

D&O Insurance can also be important for non-for-profit organisations in Melbourne, which can be managed by a board of directors.

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Types of Directors and Officers Insurance, Melbourne

In this current market, a typical D&O Insurance policy contains the following three agreements:


Side A
Side A covers Directors Liability for liabilities and legal defence costs arising from wrongful acts in their capacity as directors or officers.


Side B
Side B is for Company Reimbursement of Directors Liability where the company is liable to indemnify directors such as under a Deed of Indemnity.


Side C 
Side C is for claims arising from public trading of securities such as securities market conduct breaches.

Directors and Officers Insurance: Sydney economy

As Victoria’s capital city, Melbourne has quickly grown to be one of the most popular Australian cities in the world. Made famous for its coffee, arts scene, landmarks (such as its laneways, street art, the MCG, Federation Square, several universities, the National Gallery of Victoria and close proximity to the Yarra Valley, Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island), Melbourne was voted the ‘World’s 2nd Most Liveable City’ by the Economist Intelligence Unit's 2017 Global Liveability Index for seven years in a row.

No matter the size of your Melbourne business, it is important that you are adequately insured against catastrophes. Securing the right insurance at the right price is one crucial way of safeguarding against such risks.

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D&O Insurance Sydney: our Managing Director

Tony Venning’s experience includes board level representation with major international broking firms, such as senior executive positions in London, Sydney and Melbourne. His insurance broking experience extends to working with high profile organisations such as the AFL and Cricket Australia and multi-national organisations with global exposures, including publicly listed organisations and companies undergoing an IPO. One of his key achievements includes resolving the public liability crisis sports organisations faced following the collapse of HIH. More recently, he has assisted several companies navigate their way through the current D&O insurance crisis facing public companies, in particular those undertaking an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Tony enjoys very strong relationships with the major Australian-based insurance companies and overseas markets, including Lloyd’s. Through these relationships he has developed innovative insurance products and services that provide clients with real benefits.

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