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Sunshine Coast Builders Insurance provides protection for builders during the period of construction and for your broader business activities as a builder. It is an essential form of protection to ensure your assets and liability are properly insured.

What is Builders Insurance?

Running a construction business or being a builder in the Sunshine Coast brings along with it a number of unique, potentially damaging risks. A comprehensive Construction and Builders Insurance policy provides protection for your assets during the construction period and protects your business against any legal liability claims that arise as a result of the construction project.

Who needs Builders Insurance?

If you are a Sunshine Coast contractor or builder who is responsible for carrying out works on site, then you should consider Builders Insurance policy that provides Contractors All Risk coverage. This is to ensure you are protected for any loss or damage to your assets that are on-site during the construction period.

Sunshine Coast Builders Insurance: What is covered?

Construction and Builders Insurance policies are generally provided under 2 sections: the first section will cover your assets and property during the construction period. This includes theft or loss of on-site materials including building materials, accidental damage, as well as your required tools, plant and equipment during the construction period.

Some key benefits of a Builders Insurance policy could include:

Cover for value of materials supplied by the principal over and above the contract value

Extended cover to include loss or damage to property whilst in transit or in off-site storage

Removal of debris where necessary following an insured event

Extended period of insurance to include testing and commissioning cover

Extended cover to include existing structures which are located at the site prior to work commencing

Broad definition of contractors plant, tools and equipment

Additional sum insured benefit for variations and escalation costs including inflation costs

Professional fees incurred to reinstate the damaged property

The second section of a Builders Insurance policy will cover your legal liability for any claims which are made against you as a result of your construction activities. A comprehensive Builders Insurance policy will also extend to cover completed operations liability which ensures you are protected for any legal liability claims which arise once you have handed over the work.

It is important to ensure your Builders Insurance extends to include the following forms of legal liability:

Liability or Property in your Care, Custody or Control

Public Liability claims arising out of your construction project and business activities

Products Liability for personal injury and / or property damage claims which arise out of your Products supplied, sold or manufactured

Extension of your legal liability insurance to include contractors or sub-contractors where required

Vibration, Weakening or the Removal of Support for personal injury and/or property claims caused by these factors

To get a quote that provides you with the right cover it's important you speak with a Construction and Builders Insurance expert who can advise you how best to design your Contractors All Risk Insurance.

Sunshine Coast Builders Insurance: what's not covered?

A Builders Insurance policy does not cover the following:

Equipment Breakdown

Claims arising from intentional acts

Wear, Tear, Corrosion and Deterioration

Goods shipped by sea

Your business becoming insolvent

Incidents or claims known prior to the policy commencing

Business conducted in the USA / Canada unless agreed in writing

Injury to your employees which is workers compensation insurance

Claims arising from a professional services or advice (see Professional Indemnity Insurance)

Claims made against directors and officers (see Management Liability Insurance)

Claims arising from your digital network / data breach (see Cyber Insurance)

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